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Borderline Diabetes And The Symptoms

Borderline Diabetes And The Symptoms

All of us would like to stay healthy and be free from any diseases and illnesses. One of the things that a person does to ensure that he or she stays healthy is to keep track of his or her health. Luckily for some, they were able to notice signs and symptoms in time, allowing them to become aware of a developing disease such as diabetes.

When diabetes develops, it does not happen overnight. Certain key signs and symptoms will make you realize you are on the verge of developing the disease. These borderline diabetes symptoms will help you prevent the impending disaster brought about by the illness.

Knowing what these prediabetes symptoms are is critical because it will help you deal with it better than if you didn’t. If you observe these symptoms occurring,  do not hesitate to call your health care provider and seek immediate help.

Borderline Diabetes Symptoms


What Is Borderline Diabetes?

Borderline diabetes refers to the medical condition known as prediabetes. It is not a medical diagnosis per se. It only serves as a wake-up call to anyone who might be walking around the corner and will meet diabetes on the way in just one turn.

Borderline diabetes occurs when the levels of your blood glucose are higher than normal, but they are not yet high enough to be considered as diabetes. This prediabetes will likely progress to type 2 diabetes if not controlled quickly and effectively. When you already know that you are at a borderline stage, you have the privilege to alter the course of your future and prevent the onset of this disease.

In a prediabetes stage, the pancreas will still produce enough insulin to work on the carbohydrates that you have taken in. However, this insulin is less effective in the removal of sugar from your blood stream due to insulin resistance. If there is insulin resistance, your blood sugar levels will remain high causing a borderline state.

Borderline Diabetes Symptoms – Things You should Be Aware Of

Though many patients may not experience borderline diabetes symptoms, those few who may experience it will have the following signs and symptoms.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is common among people with elevated sugar levels. Though this is not a general sign of prediabetes, the increased blood sugar levels in the blood will cause dryness in the genital area and will make sex uncomfortable.

Numbness Of Hands And Feet

Even if you do not have diabetes yet, extended periods of increased blood sugar levels may damage your nervous system which will lead to a decrease in the sensation of your hands and feet. You may also feel some tingling and numbness which is often referred to as neuropathy.

Weight Changes

Weight changes are most often related to type 1 diabetes. But it is still one of the prediabetes symptoms that you need to look out for. If you feel that you are losing weight and you are feeling hungry most of the time, visit your doctor and have yourself checked for diabetes.

The Presence Of A Rash

You may experience a brown to black hyperpigmentation on the skin called acanthosis nigricans. It is a benign condition which is often associated with obese patients experiencing insulin resistance. Once the blood sugar levels are controlled, this rash may disappear.

Hunger Pangs 

You will feel hungry all the time when you have borderline diabetes because your body is becoming resistant to insulin. Sugar will not enter your cells making them undernourished and lead you to eat more even if you have just finished eating.

Polydipsia And Polyuria

These two are the medical terms used for increased thirst and increased urination, respectively. Polydipsia and polyuria go together because elevated blood sugars will cause your kidney to filter out the sugar in the bloodstream. Sugar will be removed through frequent urination (polydipsia). Since water is also excreted every time you pass out urine, you will feel thirsty most of the time and if your fluids are not replenished, you will ultimately suffer from dehydration.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth only happens when dehydration occurs as explained above.


You cannot single-handedly blame prediabetes for feeling tired all the time since many factors may make you feel tired such as too much stress from work. However, fatigue may be related to borderline diabetes since your cells do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients due to the elevated sugar levels in your bloodstream.

Changes In Your Vision

Changes in vision may also be a late sign of diabetes, but it can also warn you that the disease is about to set in. When you experience some vision changes and you find it hard to view or see, visit your doctor immediately and have your blood glucose level checked.


Surprisingly, a person who is predisposed to develop diabetes may experience itchiness on genital areas and lower legs. Itchiness is caused by dry skin brought about by dehydration as we have explained earlier.

What Should I Do When I Notice These Prediabetes Symptoms?

If you notice any of these symptoms it is best to visit your doctor. The doctor will determine if you have borderline diabetes or if the symptoms are a result of some other underlying issues.

Lifestyle changes play a significant role in helping control a full blown diabetic attack. You need to make sure that you live a healthy lifestyle and control your sugar levels so that it will not progress to the actual disease.

You need to control your weight and keep it from increasing. If you are overweight, you are at a higher risk of developing diabetes. Hence, you need to be careful in what you eat, and make sure you workout regularly. Having a regular exercise regimen will certainly help keep healthy.

Moderate exercise of brisk walking, swimming or cycling for just 30 minutes a day will help manage your borderline diabetes. Moreover, you need to control your calorie intake too. Cut down on sweet foods and put yourself on a low-fat protein, veggies and whole grains diet. Also, go for fiber-rich foods because it will turn out to be very beneficial in controlling diabetes.



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