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The Insulin Pump For Sugar Control- Its A Boon For Diabetics

The Insulin Pump For Sugar Control- Its A Boon For Diabetics

Though there are many devices in today’s technically advanced world, the insulin pump is completely different from most of the other medical devices in use today. With a marked increase in the number of diabetics each day, the insulin pump is indeed a boon for chronic diabetic patients.

The suffering patients of diabetes, the silent killer, understand the importance of keeping the blood sugar levels under control. There are many reasons why the sugar levels increase and some of them are under one’s control while some are not. Hence  the sugar levels keep fluctuating and increasing, and in spite of powerful medication or injection of insulin it is difficult to keep diabetes under control.

For such people, for whom life is a constant struggle with this disease, the insulin pump, which is an automatic device to keep the insulin injected in the body, is a great relief. The pump as the name suggests keeps on supplying insulin to the body and helps the patient to remain healthy for routine day-to-day activities. Though the device seems to be very simple, its function makes it important and hence it is important to understand the insulin pump in depth.

The Insulin Pump For Sugar Control


The Insulin Pump

The insulin pump is a device that works electromechanically and can be fitted onto the body of the patient. It operates on electricity, and insulin can be stored inside. Hence the exact dose of  insulin required by the patient is always at hand. The dose can be set manually and is automatically injected into the body when required.

This device does not require any manual intervention and hence the patient can continue with his other activities. Those who have been recommended the use an insulin pump are quite eager to know the cost of an insulin pump and start using it.


How Much does the Insulin Pump cost?

The insulin pump cost varies according to the brand and the features. There are numerous branded and non-branded pumps available in the market. One can check the price of an insulin pump online as well. Usually, the cost of an insulin pump ranges from $ 600 to $ 10000.

More often than not people get confused because there is  a huge variation in price, and one needs to analyze the various specifications listed to justify the price of a particular brand of pump. The best way to get a pump that can match one’s requirement is to check the specification with a physician as he or she knows the device better than most.

The expert can guide the patient regarding all aspects of the pump and can help choose the option that best suits the patient’s requirements.  The control, injection system, waterproof body and other features vary from pump to pump and accordingly the prices also vary.

It is obvious that the brands that have a proven track record in the market are priced higher than the new entrants. If one does not insist on a particular brand, there should be substantial savings while selecting an insulin pump.

A Few Points One Must Consider

There are a few points that one must consider while buying a pump. The most important part is the size of the pump, which should not be too heavy and should easily fit on  the body. The injection system, the supply of the insulin, control over the  supply and battery are also some of the important factors one must consider.

Most of the manufacturers offer guarantees on their products. However, as they charge slightly higher prices, it is better to go for insurance covered pumps. Hence while purchasing health insurance, one must know if the company is going to cover the purchase of an insulin pump as well. It can help you  to decide on the type of pump to purchase.

There are many websites and other platforms where one can research before finalizing a selection. A bit of  research and inquiry can result in saving a lot of money while purchasing a pump. One more option is to check a few pumps and ask your doctor to compare and help shortlist. While trying to save some money one must not get trapped into buying a low-quality pump which can ultimately cost more than a quality one.

The Online Platform

In the present era, one can get almost anything from online stores, and the same applies to an insulin pump as well. One can check the prices of the same pump with different online stores as well as online sellers of health equipment. Such checks can also help one to understand the difference between various pumps and their prices.

It can help in the selection of the right type of pump at a very reasonable price. One can also check the prices of the same pump in the local market as there are some advantages associated with local shopping. In any case, it is not difficult to get the insulin pump at fairly reasonable rates if one is willing to spend some time and effort.

Personal references from friends and family members as well as neighbors can also be a good way to know the price and other details of various pumps.

In a nutshell, buying a  quality insulin pump these days is not a very difficult task. The key features are quality and the injecting capacity of the pump as well as some other functions that ensure the proper working of an insulin pump.

For a diabetic, the insulin pump is certainly a boon that can help carry on with the routine activities without being worried about the disease and enjoy the life while it lasts. Just grab the right pump and get freedom from worries about being a diabetic.


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