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What Are The Side Effects of Sugar-Free Candy?

What Are The Side Effects of Sugar-Free Candy?

People love eating sweet items. Especially kids, who have a sweet tooth and love eating all sorts of candies which are sweet to taste as they contain sugar. For kids who are active most of the time, high consumption of sugar is not very harmful. However, for those who are not that active and still love sweet candies, it is very risky for health indeed. As most candy has a high amount of sugar, it is rich in calories and of course, increases the sugar levels in the body.

The natural secretion of insulin controls the sugar, and absorbs it, however, there is a limit, and if the intake goes beyond this limit, the body tries to remove it via urine which is known as diabetes.

To avoid this situation and still fulfill the cravings of such candy lovers, there are sugar-free candies in the market where sugar is not used. Instead of sugar, the makers use artificial sweeteners which have no calories or contain very low calories. The candy lovers believe that these candies are as good as the regular sugar candy, but in fact, there is no sugar, and hence those who have diabetes can also enjoy such candies.

But here comes a question: are sugar-free candies free from side effects? Well, usually people believe that they are free from side effects but in fact, the real answer is a big NO. The artificial sweeteners also have some combinations of different elements that affect the human body in a variety of ways and hence it is important to know these effects before consuming such candies.

What Are The Sugar-Free Candy Side Effects?

What are the sugar-free candy side effects?

There is a lot of research being carried out by various scientists in this field to find out the various side effects caused by these candies. However, one must remember that these results may vary on a case to case basis, based on the response of the body to various elements.

Most sugar-free candies are made from elements such as xylitol, maltitol, sorbitol and aspartame as well as stevia. However, all these items have different effects on the human body,  hence one needs to check out the candy sweetener being used in each particular brand of candy. Eating more than a couple of such candies may cause some side effects.

The side effects also vary from case to case and hence it is important for every consumer to watch out for the side effects caused by the candy they are consuming.

The common side effects are gastric troubles, diarrhea, cramping and bloating. Those who suffer from IBS which is known as irritable bowel syndrome have to take extra care as less absorption of the artificial sugars can cause many other health issues. The common phenomenon is the ingredients such as sorbitol and xylitol are slow to be absorbed by the body and hence does not increase the blood sugar levels.

There is a significant portion of the sugar which is not absorbed and is removed via urine which also lets the user enjoy the taste of sugar and candy without increasing the sugar levels.

The Sweetener Functionality

It is important to discuss the side effects caused by such artificial sweeteners as most of the users are under the illusion that the candies are harmless and cause no side effects. Once these candies are consumed, there can be two possibilities. The first one is the absorption of the chemicals. There are many elements which are absorbed in the body. The rate of absorption may vary, but they are completely absorbed. In the second one, the element is either not absorbed or partially absorbed.

Sweetener Element

In the first case when the absorption is t0tal, the low rate of absorption makes the food get fermented in the body which leads to gastric and other health issues.

In second case scenario, when there is hardly any absorption, the sweetener element is completely removed through the urinary tract. Though it’s nice to taste sugar-free candies one must remember that infrequent consumption cannot create much trouble but consume excessive quantities may invite many other diseases and critical situations.


In the case of diabetes,  stevia can lead to hyperglycemia also,  hence one has to consult a physician before choosing a particular sweetener. Though there are many sweeteners available in the market,  choosing the right one depends on the person and their body.

A Reasonable Amount is Alright

The best option for a person with diabetes is to monitor his health after consumption of various sweeteners and check if the concerned sweetener has any side effects. At the same time, one has to keep a watch on their blood sugar levels and ensure it is well within the permissible limit.

A little care and observation can go a long way in avoiding unwanted health issues and keep the body safe and healthy. One must remember that excess of anything can be dangerous to health and same applies to the sugar-free candies as well. Low consumption with a strict diet and exercise regimen can help one remain healthy and  control the sugar level as well.


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